40 Days in the Word

Starting April 24th our Life Groups will begin 40 Days in The Word campaign. Unlike our normal pattern for Life Groups (2X per month), 40 Days in the Word is a 6-week campaign where groups meet each week. This is an awesome endeavor for the church to spiritually grow while taking an in depth look into the word of God.

Pastor Harold will introduce the campaign this Sunday and there will be a 20-minute meeting March 20th for Life Group Leaders.

Message Series: 40 Days in the Word
April 24: Week 1 – Building My Life On the Bible
(week one groups meet)
May 1: Week 2 – Why Can I Trust the Bible
(week two groups meet)
May 8: Week 3 – How the Bible Changes Us
(week three groups meet)
May 15: Week 4 – Seeing What God Wants Me to See
(week four groups meet)
May 22: Week 5 – How to Study a Bible Passage
(week five groups meet)
May 29: Week 6 – Understanding the Meaning of a Text
(week six groups meet)
June 5: Week 7 – Integrating God’s Word Into My Life
(groups resume regular schedule or start new schedule after week 7 message)