“Do all that you have in mind…I am with you heart and soul.”

1 Samuel 14:7

The 14:7 Initiative

There are two components to the 14:7 initiative.

We want to continue our MOVE – $500,000

In this 14:7 initiative, MOVE represents the two-year ministry plan/budget of Momentum Church. We estimate that it will take $500,000 to resource all of the ministry that we currently do both for those who attend our church and for our community.

We need to secure our FUTURE – $280,000

Our church building is the hub we utilize to execute the mission of Momentum Church. The purchase of our facility has been initially owner financed by the seller. In order to keep our facility, we need to secure outside financing by May 2022. This $280,000 would allow us to pay off the personal loan we secured for the cost of the initial retrofit of our building and allow us to have a down payment towards securing permanent financing on our facility.

Our 14:7 Vision

Momentum Church Mission

We help people move forward in their faith by discovering and living out their purpose! MOMENTUM is about helping people move closer to God!

14:7 Initiative

The 14:7 Initiative is a two-year generosity initiative that will help us resource and facilitate this mission. Because we value and understand the mission of our church, we stand ready to embrace this 14:7 opportunity. To accomplish this requires that we seek and depend on the Lord like never before. We will each need to examine what sacrifices we can make and bring those before the Lord. In order for us, as a church, to enter into what God has for us we must each be ready to say to the Lord, “I am with You heart and soul!”

Our 14:7 Goals

The PRIMARY GOAL:  100% Participation

We want every person who calls Momentum Church their church home to be a part of this 14:7 initiative. Now is the time that we come together and heighten the unity of our church around advancing this vision and mission.

The SECONDARY GOAL: $780,000

We are trusting Him to move through His people to invest $780,000 over these next two years to accomplish the vision He has given us.

What's Next?


Pray that God will work in the hands of His people at Momentum Church and that we will listen with the intent to obey.


The primary goal of this initiative is 100% participation. That begins with your decision to listen to God and make a sacrificial commitment to this 14:7 initiative that will take your faith to a whole new level in your generosity.


We also need you to stand with us in support of this initiative and lend your influence of others to do the same.


God going to do some amazing things as we launch this initiative. Let’s be poised and ready to celebrate in all of these in a big way.


Please fill out and submit our Commitment Form.

Hello Church Family!

THIS SUNDAY is the day we’ve been building up to in our 14:7 Generosity Initiative! November 21st is Commitment Sunday! We are asking everyone at Momentum Church to fill out and turn in a commitment card for 14:7 either in-person or online THIS SUNDAY! It is fitting that this Sunday we also celebrate our 7-year church anniversary…and yes, there will be cake! The goal of this initiative is 100% participation from our church family in this two-year giving campaign. Obviously, the are financial goals for refinancing our church property and unleashing the capacity to do ministry at a high level, but the real goal for us is to be unified and stretched spiritually. We want everyone to grow in faith, trust more in Jesus, and be blessed as you experience the joy and power of giving!

Over the past few months, you’ve heard us talking about the 14:7 Initiative! We’ve had Town Hall meetings and presentations/messages on Sunday mornings, as well as videos and content on our website detailing the goals of the initiative. If you’re just now catching wind of this, please go to our website and learn more. On November 7, our board members, staff, and leaders in the church stepped forward and (on average) increased their giving by an astounding 76%!

While we know not everyone can take this big of a step financially, we believe everyone can challenge themselves to dig deeper and make a few sacrifices to support the work of Christ through His Church. Maybe you will take the opportunity start giving regularly and/or make a percentage increase in your giving? Perhaps you have stored resources and you wish to make a lump sum gift to help kick-start our campaign? Maybe there are some extra funds you know will come in over the next two years and you would like to designate some of those funds for the work of the church? Our leadership wants you to know we are highly committed to the mission of Momentum Church. That’s why we went first! We invite you to join us as we all make and confirm our commitments THIS SUNDAY during morning worship. Bring your completed commitment card and at the end of our service we’ll have a special time of prayer and consecration over these cards as we bring our commitments forward. If you forget your form, we’ll have extras. You can also go online and complete a card if you are worshipping with us online. Here is the link to the digital form: https://momentumindiana.org/give/

We are so excited about what God is getting ready to do in the life of our church! He is about to unleash ministry through us that we can’t even fathom! Let’s all pull together and as our theme verse from I Samuel 14:7 says, “I am with you Heart and Soul!”

Love and blessings,

Pastor Charlie and Rebecca